Saturday, May 3, 2008

Speaking of exercise and amazing people

Three things.

1. I started a new writing tradition on Thursday and it changed my life. I met DM in my old writing class-- and not only is she a design genius, she is crafting the most beautiful, magical, funny and captivating triology I can imagine. She is a stellar writer and a dream reader. We decided to be partners. We're going to meet every Thursday at an undisclosed location to go over each others pages. This Thursday was the first of said meetings. And seriously, it made everything snap into place. We talked about final revisions on PERMANENT INK and the opening pages of TINE and suddenly, thanks to the brilliant DM, I am on a roll... she called out the smallest details and helped me re-form them in exactly the right ways. I love Thursdays. You are going to be hearing a lot more about Thursdays.

2. I am trying to stop coffee. Ok, not STOP. But drastically cut back. One small cup in the morning and that's it. And it means I have pounding, drilling headaches. And the sight of this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

And the sight of this is the most boring thing I've ever seen.

But seriously, I feel better. Or. Um. I will soon.

3. Since I started revisions for PERMANENT INK (which was about, oh, three months ago to be perfectly honest) I have completely given up all physical activity. Seriously. Yoga. The gym. You name it. And this week I realised I am all heavy, slow, mush. I must reclaim the exercise. So from now on this is back in my life.

And so is this.

And then there is no way I WON'T be more productive and, well, creatively driven. Right?


jonnyskov said...

If I may make an suggestion re: coffee to tea transition, go straight for the hard core stuff and it won't seem like such a lame transition. Go to someplace like and find some loose leaf tea like the Scottish Breakfast blend. I made the switch a few years ago of black tea in the morning and green tea in the afternoon, and I have never looked back.

Heather said...

yes. thank you!! i just went to this awesome spot.
and started my tea exploration.

jonnyskov said...

I got a teany pot and it's awesome. lasted through three moves (one of which was cross-country). And oh so stylish ;)

My only problem with Teany is that it's owned by Moby, so purchasing stuff from them is like giving money to support Moby and his music.